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About us | Garden Rooms | Modular Steel Buildings | SLhouseforsale.ie


We sell prefabricated Steel structure Modular Buildings in Ireland. Our designs are made of galvanized steel from one of the most delicate Steel Manufacturer. The thickness of the Walls is 75mm Rockwool Panels. The Rockwool It’s known as high fire resistant & one of the best isolation materials.

We provide high standards. Firstly, we supply double-layer tempered glass windows and doors for our buildings. Secondly, our plans with the bathroom include a shower & toilet in the price. That’s mean No additional cost for the bathroom.

Moreover, You can order a Pre-designed OR Building of Custom Size & Design. We do a variety of purposes, including home Garden offices, Extra Garden Rooms with Bathrooms, Medium or Large Garden Houses or Garden Studios.

Transform your garden into a new value. In addition, We will deliver & build a portable Home Office or Garden Rooms, Studios right to your Garden hassle-free.

We provide customised solutions for different needs. We can add a terrace, PVC or REAL timber exterior walls cladding, Tinted Windows and Doors to keep your privacy and Luxurious Look.

Our prices are visible to our customers and can be found on our website. If you are looking for long live Quality and Time-saving option, You are in Right Place. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our Garden Rooms, Garden Offices or Houses.

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